1) This society brings together and unites teachers who believe that 
literature has an essential place in the university English classroom.
2) ‘Literature’, here refers to authentic texts that use language in 
creative and careful ways to tell stories, convey impressions, express 
original opinions, pose critical questions and demand more than 
simplistic, pragmatic responses.
3) LIBERLIT explores, clarifies, and encourages discussion of attitudes 
and approaches to ‘literary’ texts in English.
4) The conviction is that literature offers learners access to the kinds of 
creative, critical, and non-complacent views of the world that are 
important for Japanese students.
5) Literature is essential at the university level, before students 
graduate and enter the workforce.
6) LIBERLIT asserts that it is unkind and disingenuous to deprive 
students of the marvelously varied, meaningful, and challenging content
that only great works of literature and thoughtful authentic writings on 
culture can offer.
7) We want to explore techniques, methods, and ways that literary texts
can foreground the roots of education, liberate English language into 
maturely creative uses and instigate a freer, bolder expression of 
original opinions.
8) LIBERLIT is an ongoing, constantly developing forum which attempts
to establish how, where, and why literature should figure in Japan’s 
English curriculum.
9) Starting in 2010, a conference has been held annually in Japan, with
panel sessions, plenary talks and other activities.
10) LIBERLIT encourages participation from teachers, researchers, 
administrators and institutions in general.


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The Liberlit Journal of Teaching Literature